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3400 Summerfield Drive
Louisville, KY, 40220


Sunday Worship Service is at 10:45 AM. We hope to see you there!

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What We’re learning…

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The gospel Project

The Gospel Project for Kids will help your children to:

  • See the Big Story: Children will understand that the Bible is not a collection of stories, but God’s unified story of redemption.

  • Read Scripture as Christ-centered: provides a deep, Christ-centered Bible study experience for all ages.

  • Grasp Essential Christian Doctrines: The Big Picture Questions and Answers are designed to help children understand essential theological doctrines of the Christian faith.

  • Study the Old and New Testaments: Kids spend equal time in the Old and New Testaments, learning the key distinctions of each and how they fit together.


July 7 God’s covenant with David

Key Passage: Psalm 145:13a

Big Picture Question: How is Jesus the perfect King? Jesus perfectly rules over everything.